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Vitamin D

January 8, 2013
One thing I find really tough is knowing how much sun I need to make enough vitamin D but without burning my delicate skin. There’s a lot of advice out there, but it really is dependent on the strength of the sun -which changes depending on where in the world you are, the season and the time of day – and also on how dark your skin is. Complicated, hey!

Being fair skinned I need less sun than my darker skinned pals to get my dose of vitamin D. My paediatrician advised me to get out once a day with my arms and legs uncovered and no sun block on, after 3pm or 4pm, for 15 – 20 minutes. In Dubai at certain times of year this can be tough as even 15 minutes in the summer is a struggle at over 40C and high humidity, but we do our best and mum makes sure I have plenty to drink. 

At other times I prefer to be in the shade with my sunhat and even my sunglasses on. I haven’t yet worn any sunscreen as I prefer to keep out of the sun at my young age, but I have bought some organic baby suncream which I will be using from 6 months of age.

Vitamin D tablets that mum took and I got through the breastmilk

In December I was in the UK for a month and it was impossible to get enough sun. I was all bundled up nice and warm from head to toe with just my face exposed and most days it wasn’t even nice enough to go for a walk. I got Mum to take extra vitamin D tablets and I got the benefit of them through my breastmilk. Job done! An alternative would be to take some vitamin D drops directly, however so far Mum hasn’t been able to find any which don’t have yucky ingredients like parabens added, which we try and avoid in skin products, let alone actually eat! My paediatrician advised that if I drank at least 1 litre of formula a day I wouldn’t need to worry about vitamin D as it’s fortified with enough for my needs.


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