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Beach Tent

January 10, 2013
I love going to the beach but find that unless I happen to be lucky enough to grab the shade of a palm tree, I really need my own special beach tent to provide me with some shade. It also comes in handy for some privacy during a breastfeed.

Sunsense beach tent

I chose this Sunsense tent that was big enough for Mum and Dad to fit in too. My tent pops up by itself in one swift manouvre so no precious beach time is wasted. Getting it back in its bag the first time took a bit of effort but as soon as Mum and Dad had worked out the knack it was very easy. It comes with pegs so I could use it on grass too but on the beach Dad just puts some sand in the special pockets to stop it blowing away. I have the option to have the back of the tent closed off for privacy or open so I can have a good nosy in all directions.

There’s no ground sheet built into the tent which means it’s best to use it with a large stiff picnic mat otherwise it’s too easy for me to wiggle away the towel Mum puts down and dig my little fists straight into the sand and into my mouth for a sneaky taste.


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