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January 17, 2013
As a summer baby, the temperature in Dubai was over 40C for my first couple of months so in the daytime I often wore just a nappy, maybe with a t-shirt slung over my top or perhaps a vest. 

At night mum and dad put me in an all-in-one sleepsuit and I either slept in a very light swaddle blanket (Summer Infant Swaddle-Me) that has velcro strips to keep my arms from wriggling out. When I got to 5 or 6 weeks old I preferred a 1.0 tog sleeping bag (GroBag) instead of my swaddle.

The air con is strictly monitored in my room so the temperature is between 19 and 23C. My Gro-Egg is a room thermometer that changes colour when it gets too hot or too cold – particularly useful during the night when mum doesn’t have her lenses in and could see whether she needed to make it hotter or cooler without putting her glasses on. Within the packaging of my Grobag (sleeping bag) there was a handy card which showed the room temperature which is useful for travelling.

When it’s so hot that we need the air conditioning on all night, I find the air can get very dry so I like to counter this by having something to put a bit of moisture back in the air, like a humidifier. I’ve seen some very high tech ones but I am just happy with my simple Goodsphere that Mum bought in Ace. 

Now it’s January and a lot cooler and we don’t have the air con on anymore at night but as it rarely drops below 20C in the bedroom, I still wear a sleepsuit and a 1.0 tog Gro-bag (sleeping bag) in my cot without any blankets. I’ve had to go up a size now though to 6-18 months!



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