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Al Ittihad Park, Palm Jumeirah

February 5, 2013
Al Ittihad Park Dubai

Al Ittihad Park, Palm Jumeirah

The other day I went to check out Al Ittihad Park on the Palm Jumeirah. It’s tucked away underneath the monorail line and between the Shoreline and Golden Mile apartments on the trunk of the Palm.

When I went mid afternoon on a weekday we almost had the park to ourselves with just a couple of joggers about and a few mums or maids with kids. It’s not a huge park and seems to mainly cater for the Palm’s residents but it’s certainly big enough for a decent walk and there are several small play areas dotted around.

Al Ittihad Park, Palm Jumeirah Play area Al Ittihad Park Palm Jumeirah Dubai Al Ittihad Park Palm Jumeirah Dubai Palm Jumeriah Park Dubai

Unusually for a park, there’s no grassy area as such (other than a few very small patches that border onto the Shoreline apartment buildings) but it works very well with ambling paths and bridges in the centre and a wide jogging track (over 3km in length) around the edge. If Mum had brought her exercise gear I would have let her attempt to tone up her flabby bits on some of the exercise equipment stations thoughtfully spaced around the jogging track.

Palm Jumeirah monorail above Al Ittihad Park

Monorail running above the park

I loved the way the monorail trains zoomed overhead every so often and there were lots of interesting plants and tall grasses for me to look at and (gently) touch.

Al Ittihad Park is not run by the Municipality but by Nakheel. There’s no entrance fee but equally there’s no facilities such as toilets. Dogs are not allowed.

Directions: To get there by car as you drive onto the Palm Jumeirah keep right so you have the Shoreline apartments on  your left and right (the light yellow coloured buildings). Turn onto the sliproad on the right and then go left under the flyover. Straight ahead is the entrance to the park with lots of car parking.

Although there’s a monorail station at the park’s entrance, it’s not open yet so it’s not possible to access the park this way yet. The monorail runs from the base of the Palm trunk (Palm Gateway station) to Atlantis. Incidently, a return trip costs AED 25, single AED 15 and you can either arrive by car and park in the enormous car park or get a taxi. There are long term plans to connect the monorail with the Dubai Metro, but as yet the two are not linked, so better arrive by car or walk of course if you’re lucky enough to live close by. See this site for lots more details on the monorail.


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