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Burj Park

February 10, 2013

Burj park grass
Burj Park itself is not the most fun parks for a baby, it has to be said. There’s no play equipment for a start, there’s no go-carts to hire, no particularly interesting trees or plants to look at, very little shade and even the grass is a bit patchy in places. But the surroundings are pretty spectacular and there’s loads of facilities and and things to do very close by so I suppose that makes up for it.

Burj Park footbridge

The park is a little island in Burj Lake – the water fronting the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall that are home to the dancing fountains. It’s accessed by two footbridges but there’s no awkward steps so it’s easily accessible with a buggy. The Burj Khalifa is impossible to ignore and (literally) towers (or should that be ‘burj’s?) over the park, over the whole of Downtown, well, over a good part of Dubai really.

burj khalifaThis park is all about looking at the surroundings, taking a few minutes to sit on a small, plain patch of quiet green in this amazing, built up area- Downtown Dubai – buzzing with residents, shoppers and tourists. When we last visited on a Friday afternoon there was hardly anyone at this park, which is unusual for Dubai and normally the peak park time of the week! Many Dubai residents who regularly visit the Dubai Mall and fountains don’t know the park exists and most tourists would only stumble on it by accident.

Burj park water & residencesAs there’s not a huge amount to actually do or even a huge area to walk around at this park, it’s nice to combine a visit here with dropping by a cafe. There are some little restaurants and some cafes which are great if you are wanting to avoid setting foot in a mall. Or of course you could always pop in next door to Souk Al Bahar to somewhere child friendly like Shakespeare’s for a light lunch, Baker and Spice for wholesome deli meals or Urbano’s for a good pizza and pasta.

There’s no dedicated parking at the park (being on an island accessed only by footbridges and all that) but there is plenty of public parking within a short walk including an underground car park accessed from the Boulevard- officially called Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard- the main road that runs in a loop around Downtown. Driving with Souk Al Bahar and The Palace hotel on your right, immediately after this look out for the blue ‘P’ parking sign on the right hand side for a ramp that leads to the underground car park. Don’t worry if you miss it. Carry on further down the Boulevard and eventually on your right you will see another ramp signposted with a blue P sign.   You could also park in the Dubai Mall or Souk Al Bahar car parks (Souk Al Bahar car park is closer than Dubai Mall).

The park is free to enter and there’s no ladies day. It’s best to access it by the wide steps by the ‘Burj Plaza’ sign (there is a clever ramp built into these steps)  which is immediately next to The Palace hotel on the far side from Dubai Mall / Souk Al Bahar.

  1. There’s a lovely park called Nad Al Shiba park near Rahsid shcool, very hidden away but well worth it, monica

  2. jabir permalink

    Great thanks for the informations

  3. jennifer dugdale permalink

    Hi there. Do you know if my son would be allowed to kick a football around the grass?? Thanks!

    • Hello Jennifer. I’m not sure what the official rules are but if it’s just a young boy kicking a football, I can’t see they would object. If it was a group of teenagers, it might be different.

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