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My changing bag… or is it a handbag?

February 18, 2013

The few times Mum or Dad have tried to chance leaving my changing bag at home I always make sure I fill my nappy in the most spectacular way just to emphasize the importance of lugging it around at all times. They might want to feel spontaneous and free but they need to realise that’s just a ridiculous notion these days.

When Mum was pregnant she deliberated for weeks whether she should just buy a single, unisex changing bag that would just be a changing bag or whether she should just buy a large handbag that could have a double function. In the end she decided she wanted the convenience of a changing bag but the style of a handbag and fell in love with the Storksak range.  They look like really stylish handbags (or satchels for men) but they are cunningly designed and have little compartments for bottles, wipes, nappies etc, waterproof lining and a co-ordinating travel changing mat.

storksak elizabeth

Storksak Elizabeth

Mum justified the expense to Dad by telling him she wouldn’t need to buy a handbag as well as this for a while. She then realised that when Dad took me out on his own he wouldn’t want to take the handbag so she had to buy him his own man version. It all got a bit expensive but they are very high quality and should last ages and Mum’s gets used everyday. She likes to remind Dad how she saved so much by getting the VAT deducted by ordering them from the UK. Ahem.

Dad sometimes thinks some of the necessary baggage items can be removed but he is slowly learning that whatever you remove from the bag will be needed on the next trip out. And woe betide him if he doesn’t replace something that has been used. Mum, on the other hand, keeps adding essential items that cannot be taken out and the bag gets bulkier and bulkier.

Here is what I have in the bag (a Storksak Jamie Espresso) that Dad takes out with me:

storksak jamie

Storksak Jamie

1 x disposable nappy

1 x mini packet of baby wipes

1 x portable changing mat

Here’s what I have in the bag (a Storksak Elizabeth) that Mum takes out with me:

3 x disposable nappies

1 x mini packet of baby wipes

1 x portable changing mat

1 x mini packet of dettol wipes

1 x empty resuable shopping bag

1 x washable waterproof bag for dirty nappies

1 x mini water spray

3 x dummies

1 x breastfeeding scarf

1 x muslin

1 x facecloth

1 x packet of tissues

1 x strip of paracetamol

1 x toy

1 x lipgloss

1 x face powder

1 x eyeliner

1 x hair band

1 x mini hairbrush

1 x bottle of water

1 x sippy cup

1 x cereal bar

1 x fifty dirham note (in case she forgets her purse)

1 x light blanket

1 x sunhat for me

1 x sunglasses for me

1 x baby sunblock

It reminds me of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag…

mary poppins carpet bag


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