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Getting around by bus in Dubai with a baby

October 21, 2013

Dubai bus stopThere are few stops within a 10 minute walk of our home so we sometimes have a few trips out on the bus instead of taking the car to make it a bit more interesting.

The buses in Dubai are actually very good. They’re new, clean, pretty frequent and best of all most of the bus stops are fully enclosed with air conditioning, which makes the bus system usable in the hot summer months.

Here are a few handy tips for other babies travelling on buses here in Dubai:

  • Buy your ticket before you get on the bus. They are called ‘Nol’ cards and are similar to the ‘Oyster’ card system in London or the ‘Octopus’ card in Hong Kong. You pre-pay to load it up with credit and swipe the card when you get on the bus. You can also use these cards on the metro and water taxis. See more info about the Nol card here.
  • Make sure you watch for the bus coming and signal for the driver to stop otherwise they will just sail straight past.
  • If you’re with your stroller use the second door from the front to get on (only ladies and children are supposed to get on the bus from any other door than the front, but in practise anyone gets on at any door).  Only this door has a little ramp that can drop down to allow access for strollers and wheelchairs if you’re unable to haul the buggy up from the kerb.
  • Touch your ticket on the pad on one of the red boxes by the doors (all the doors have these, not just the ones near the front) when you enter AND exit! If you forget to do this when you exit you’ll be charged the maximum fare. (Sneakily there are no signs to tell you this)
  • There is a ladies and family section near the front of the bus – but don’t think you’ll be able to get your stroller there – the aisles are too narrow (unless you have a very skinny stroller) .
  • The air conditioned bus stops have real-time electronic screens to tell you to the nearest minute when the next bus is going to arrive
  • Make sure you press the button when you want to get off. They do not automatically stop at every bus stop. The bells don’t seem to make an audible noise so it’s difficult to know if the driver has noted the ‘ding’
  • A single trip will cost between around AED 2 and AED 6 depending on how far you travel. Cheap as chips!

Check out another post I’ve previously on transport in Dubai with a baby.

Red card swipe Dubai Bus

Don’t forget to swipe on entry and exit

ladies and family area on bus

Ladies & family section at front of bus

ladies and children sign on bus

Ladies and family sign on Dubai Bus

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